Danish poster for THE BLACK CAT (Albert S. Rogell, USA, 1941)
Designer: TBD
Poster source: Wrong Side of the Art
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I actually did show up that evening. I knew it would get crowded so I got there at 7:15. It was pouring outside. Watching through window, I saw a rainy California. I needed to know if the other California was warm and sunny. I decided to give myself one year.

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Yves Saint Laurent during a fitting for The Songs of Maldoror in 1962.
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A Page of Madness, 1926. Director Teinosuke Kinugasa

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Models cavorting in Dubrovnik, 1937, in a photo by Norman Parkinson for Vogue
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Neil Armstrong beside a prototype lunar module 
Edwards Air Force Base - 1964
Ralph Morse - Time & Life Pictures
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