I actually did show up that evening. I knew it would get crowded so I got there at 7:15. It was pouring outside. Watching through window, I saw a rainy California. I needed to know if the other California was warm and sunny. I decided to give myself one year.

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Yves Saint Laurent during a fitting for The Songs of Maldoror in 1962.
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A Page of Madness, 1926. Director Teinosuke Kinugasa

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Models cavorting in Dubrovnik, 1937, in a photo by Norman Parkinson for Vogue
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Neil Armstrong beside a prototype lunar module 
Edwards Air Force Base - 1964
Ralph Morse - Time & Life Pictures
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Stephanie Schuller
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Lycette Darsonval, ballerina of the Paris Opéra, rehearsing at the Rotonde.  Photo by Serge Lido.
"Lycette Darsonval (12 February 1912 – 1 November 1996) studied at the Paris Opéra. She left our national academy for several years, after which she returned, and soon acquired the title of star, since when she has interpreted Giselle, Les Deux Pigeons, Sylvia, Orlane et le Prince d’Amour, Suite en Blanc, etc. During the season of 1948, she appeared in Serge Lifar’s ballet Zadig, and later in Lucifer."
-from “La Dance” by Serge Lido, 1949
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